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Ok. I have a new laptop (my 1st). We, my kids and I were using Internet Expl and downloading all kids of things and watching youtube and other stuff. But now, I seem to have Internet Expl 64 Bit (how'd I get that?) Anyway, now we can't download or watch anything. I get an error message that says I need Adobe Flash when I try to update to that, I get a message that my system won't can't download it. Now what do I do. How do I get my music, downloads, games and Youtube back.????help me??!!!!!! Dolores R.
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  1. There should be two IE shortcuts, one for the normal 32bit one and the other for the 64bit one. Search through the start menu until you find the correct one, then right-click and either say "pin to start menu" or "pin to taskbar" depending on where you want it. That way can can be sure you always run the correct shortcut.
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