Pro Evolution Soccer 3 Problems

First I have to say, that I am from Austria (Europe) and so my Englich maybe isnt perfect.

I have 2 problems w/ Pro Evolution Soccer 3:

1.)Yesterday I installed Pro Evolution Soccer 3, and since then I have a problem: Pro Evolution Soccer 3 runsmost of the time very fast, but sometimes also very slow and sometimes even at the right speed. It is very hard to play this game when it runs so fast.

2.) When I try to exit the game to Windows, everything freeezes and the obly thing I can do is moving the mousepointer (only a hardware reset helps). Sometimes I still see the menu from the game when this happens, sometimes I already see the windows desktop, but the resolution didnt change back and sometimes even the resolution changed back to the windows-setting.

I only got an error message once: first I got a Fatal Exception Error and after I pressed a key, I got a dialogbox, that said that I have very low system resources and if I ant to end an application. When this dialog box was there, I could only move the mousepointer, but i couldnt do anything else (except hardware reset).

Does anybody know, how I could solve this problems?

I already tried to install the newest patch (1.30.1), but it also didnt help.

I also trued to reinstall the game a few times, but it also didnt help.

Thank in advance.

My System (Details: see sig.)

AMD Athlon XP 2700+ @ 179x13
Epox 8RDA+
2x512 MB DDR-400 Infineon (2-2-2-7)
Creative GeForce 4 Ti 4600 mit 8xAGP, 128MB
DirectX 9.0b
Detonator 43.51

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  1. Though maybe not the best idea (for perfomance) try installing the newest Nvidia drivers. The only problem is that they have been optimized for the new GF5 and GF6 cards. I believe for the Ti4600 the 45.23 drivers are the fastest performing ones.

    I would try going to their website to see if they have a forum. I'm sure someone else has had a similiar problem with it.

    [mind went blank]
  2. I also posted in the official PES3 forum and alos in an unofficial PES3 forum.

    I will not install the new video card drivers, because I also play other games and the performance loss would be too big.

    I now solved the speed problem by running the game in window-mode instead of full-screen (a user in a different forum suggested this). There was no need to reduce the video-settings, I can run rthe game w/ the max, resolution (1280x1024) and full details now, I only have to leave AAS and AF turned off w/ this settings, but I always preferred reolugtion and texture quality to AA/AF.

    About the other problem (the freezes):

    All error messages are translated from German.

    Sometimes something else happens, when I exit the game by pressing Alt+Enter and closing iit through the taskmanager: Windows runs until I start a new application or whe I open some special Windows, that need Rundll32.exe. When I do this, I get a Window, that says that the application (or Rundll32) is shut don because of an illegal operation. After this I could only move the mouse pouinter again. I dont have the exact error message, because it wasnt possible to click on deatial anymore.

    Last time I exited the game (normal exit over the menu), something different happened: Windows dindt reacht, so I pressed Crtl+Alt+Del. After this first i got a BSOD, that the system is usually unstable or unresponsive and that the Window "close applicartion" didnt open. After this I got one this BSODs (or sometimes both):

    The Fatal Exception Error 0E occured: VxD NDIS(01) + 00007B67 adress 0028:C00161F6DB called from 0028:C00161C3D4 in VxD NDIS(01) + 00004860. It may be possible to continue normally.

    The Fatal Exception Error 0E occured: Adress 61Af:BFF7A125. The current application will be closed.

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  3. I now got the same BSOD thing again a few times, only I sometimes got a different different BSOD (I dont remember, if the first BSOD was really a Fatal Exception Error or also just an Exception Error):

    The Exception Error 0E occured: VxD NDIS(01) + 00007AE7 adress 0028:C00161765B called from 0028:C001C3D4 in VxD NDIS(01) + 00004860. It may be possible to continue normally.

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  4. I now uninstalled and 0reinstalled the graphics card and chipset driver and directX. For the graphics card driver I used Detonator Destroyer and for directX I used directX buster. But nothing helped.

    Only the problem that the game ran too fast or too slow in full screen got a little better, but it is still too much, so i still play it in windowed mode, where I dont have this problem.

    About the general perfomance: I play the game at max. resolution (1280x1024) w/ max. details and 2x Anisotropic Filtering and I dont have any performqanc eproblems. But when I increase Anisotropic Filtering or enable Anti Aliasing (even when AF is disabled) it only runs in slow motion.

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  5. I now solved the speed problem: I just reinstalled the game, but then I instralled the patch 1.10.2 before installing 1.30.1, like someone suggested in a different forum.

    Now only the crash problem is left.

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