WIN 7 WEI: Why was my RAM down rated?

Hey guys, I was wondering what happened to my WEI RAM rating. I previously had a RAM WEI rating of 7.3 before installing the latest driver(2.66.58) for my evga gtx460 and is now down-rated to 5.9 after the said driver was installed.

Computer Specs

Processor Intel Core i5 760
RAM Corsair 4GB
Videocard evga gtx 460 sc
PSU Odin Pro lite 700 watts

What i did...

1) reformated my computer= was fine up until the new driver was installed
2) uninstalled the driver re-ran WEI = RAM remained at 5.9 VC = 1
3) reinstalled bundled CD driver = RAM was unchanged, still at 5.9
4) deleted .xml files at WEI>DATA folder and re-ran WEI via CMD = RAM still at 5.9.

I've exhausted all resources I found online.. If anyone had the same experience or just came across a solution please post here. THX

P.S. dont tell me its WEI's fault or anything of that sort.. concrete solution please XD
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  1. Hello redblade_88;
    Any reason you didn't list the Corsair model number of the RAM you're using?
    In your research what WEI rating were others getting with similar RAM?

    When your RAM got the WEI 7.3 rating how were your RAM timings set? What are they now?

    I found another THG thread that shows DDR3 @1610mhz - 7-8-7-24-1t timings@1.63v getting a 5.9 rating.
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