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Flat Panel Questions

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
November 11, 2001 12:23:09 PM

I feel sure there will be a flat panel monitor somewhere in my future, but just wondering if you could set me straight about some features as a way of comparing.

Contrast ratio - 250:1 (the higher the number the better)
View angle - 80 degrees (the higher the number the better)
Response time - 50ms (the lower the number the better)
Brightness - 165cd/m2 (I have no idea what this is!)
DVI vs Analog - (depending on video card DVI would be better)

Are my assumptions correct? What brightness numbers are good?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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November 11, 2001 4:27:02 PM

What LCD were you looking at when you got those specs? No offense, but those specs are pure junk. On new LCD's, contrast should be higher than 350:1, most likely 400:1 or in teh case of teh L365 450:1! As for response time, anything lower than 35ms is good. Viewing angle should be above 150 degrees. Brightness above 200:1 (new top of the line LCD's are usually 300:1), and I really would suggest a DVI connection, as you don't need to deal w/ a lot of teh bs of analog, and picture is overall better.

If it's working...overclock it!
November 11, 2001 4:36:37 PM

Thanks flamethrower that was exactly the information I was looking for. Those numbers I used came off a post on Hot Deals. I simply used them as examples as I have yet to look around for a monitor. I think the response on that forum concluded, as you did, it was not a deal.

So you're saying that the brightness would be shown something like 300cd/m2? Is that the format?

I guess my field is narrowed by looking for DVI. Is Planer a good product? Or better yet, what monitor would fit your criteria?

Thank you for your input.
November 11, 2001 6:33:42 PM

Yes, brightness is written in that unit, although you may also see it as 300 nits, which is basically teh same thing. The brightness that you had written earlier was on the low side, but nowadays, practically any LCD will do. I have a few reccomendations. If you want a 15" monitor, the TFT5030 is a great choice (by Compaq- 20ms response time, 300 nits, 400:1 contrast, DVI interface, 170 degree viewing angle.) That is teh best of teh best 15", and only $640. For a 17", the Compaq TFT7020 is great, with almost the same specs as the TFT5030. There is an Eizo L365 out there this is a similar 15" to the TFT5030, but with a 450:1 contrast and 25ms reponse time. Your choice. Oh yeah, the TFT7020 and Eizo L365 have DVI interface as well- if you get the Eizo I reccomend using it only via the DVI connection as its analog picture isn't very good.

If it's working...overclock it!