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Can anyone please help me out. looking to replace problematic Alcatel USB Speedtouch modem with ADSL router.

Do I need to buy just the router (seen somewhere I still need to use ADSL modem!?!?!) and can anyone tell if the following are ok and will do the job?

Ebuyer ACEEX AR41
Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Wireless Ready Router with 4-port Switch

Both around £60-£70, the linksys has port for wireless update.

The Ebuyer one sounds like NAT is always on, not ideal probably, but maybe configurable.


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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A> is the Linksys model you'd need.

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  2. What is the differnece between the BEFDSR41W and the BEFSR41W?

    The one you suggest is twice the price of the on I mentioned!?!
  3. The "D" model has the ADSL modem. The other one is just a router.

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  4. Ok thx.

    Are there any non USB modems around or cheaper modem/routers? Dont really want to spend £120 on it. Seems a bit much to fix a BT recognized problem, and they wanted to charge me £260 to resolve!!
  5. if you get on eBay and do a search for "Speedstream 5660" there are a number of them available. I happen to have that one and it works fine. Not sure how you would go about getting it shipped to England and all, but it's definitely cheaper.

    For instance, <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> is one

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  6. Try <A HREF="" target="_new">Solwise ADSL Modem/Router</A>

    SAR 110 : £82.19
    SAR 703 : £58.69
    SAR 705 : £82.19
    SAR 715 : £105.69

    See the spec for what you need. I would say that the main difference between the 715 and the 110 is that the 705 (although harder to configure) supports more features if set-up correctly. MSN Messenger over NAT for example.

    The 703 is the basic deal and has a single 10Mbps ethernet port, if you decide to use a hub for connection to other PCs, that's the speed limit.

    The 715 (my router) has 4 ethernet ports capable of 10/100Mbps via a built in 10/100Mbps switch and is in essence a 4 port version of the 705.

    I strongly recommend it as a decent value for money piece of kit. If however, you won't need more than 1 port, it's either the 703 or 705 IMHO.

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  7. My friend have good experience with Linksys.
  8. BTW, I am Vin and VinViper :-)

    What about internal PCI ADSL modems? All I need to do is stop the damn diag thing going yellow and having to reboot on this crap Alcatel Speedtouch POS USB jobby.

    An internal PCI would resolve this issue, but is the internal stuff a bad idea, like internal modems were neverr as fast or reliable as external!?!
  9. PCI & USB modems will use PC resources, will require to sync every time you re-boot (change of dynamic IP) and generally are considered to be less desirable.

    If you can afford it, a router/modem is the easiest, simplest option in the long term.

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  10. PCI and USB cable cannot be used with hardware router.
  11. Come across the Netgear DG814 which is DSL modem, router, switch etc for £103 delivered. More than I want to spend, but hell, disconnects every 5-10 mins on various websites are annoying.

    The Linksys BEFDSR41W is £120 and cant see it has any benefits over the Netgear? Doesnt seem to have VPN which would have been nice on both.

    Would simply a powered USB hub resolve the issue of the modem drawing more than the stated 500ma from the VIA chipset?
  12. Netgear products are fine. A powered hub may very well solve the problem. But a fully Ethernet setup is better than a USB setup ay day.

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  13. Better in what respect?
    I am not bothered about switching at home? (only got 1 machine) Nor DHCP, NAT etc.

    DSL doesnt anywhere utilise the "bandwidth" of the USB so what exactly will the difference be in reality speed wise?

    Everything will be 1 hop further away with the router.

    All I am looking for is stability.
  14. You don't have to intermingle network traffic on a bus that was meant for mice and printers. Network traffic (IMHO) should stay on a network bus. But I'm talking from a perspective of an oldtime network junkie. If you're just interested in browsing the web, I guess a USB solution would be fine. You make the call.

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  15. I decided against usb or internal...
    Im going with the dlink dsl-504 whihc has the adsl modem and 4 port router/switch all in one.

    plug in a few other machines at a latter date.

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