How to format with system using windowMe startup

When I use a win98 startup disk to format a harddrive, I use this command "format c:/s", but with winMe startup disk, it said they no longer take this command, what would be the command that I use to format a harddrive with system file loaded after.
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  1. There should be a space between "C:" and "/s"
  2. if you plan on reinstalling windows ME, theres no need to use the /s switch as theres no need to boot from the hard drive until windows setup is part way through, by which time windows has already copied any require files to the hard drive.
    Im not sure how much info you need here, so I'll just put a few basics.
    boot from the boot floppy and choose the option "start computer with cd support", when you get to the A prompt, it will tell you what drive letter the cd is (normally D or E depending on the boot disk unless you have more drives). put in the windows cd and put D: or E: (depending on the cd drive letter) and type DIR and press enter- you should now see the contents of the windows cd. This isnt NECESSARY, but if you cant get the DIR up, then your boot disk isnt right- better to find out BEFORE a format so you can get back into windows and make a new disk.
    once you have got the listing, type A: and press enter
    type FORMAT C: and press enter, NOTE that SOME windows boot disks DO NOT have the format command on (some original microsoft ones that is), if you get bad command or filename when you put FORMAT C: remove floppy, reboot into windows and make a new bootdisk.
    once the drive is formatted, put D: or E: (again, depending on the cd letter) and press enter
    type SETUP (all one word) then press enter
    follow the onscreen instructions

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