How to fix Corrupt System Files?

I built my current computer after Christmas. I had many BSOD's. By New Years, the system became corrupt, unrepairable and unbootable. I reinstalled Windows 7. I continued to have BSOD's so I started to investigate a hardware cause. I had two RAM modules and found that one failed memtest and the other had no errors. I found the problem, but my system files were already buggy and corrupt. My biggest problem seems to be with Internet Explorer.

SFC /scannow says the following files are corrupt (partial list):

It also finds other errors such as directory ownership problems.

What is the easiest way to fix Windows at this point? I can't really do a system restore because I can't even trust the original installation. Do I need to do a reinstall, or is there another way?
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    I had similiar issues with my build and i just did a clean install of Win7 again.
    Just backup/save any critical files .
    It's probably the best course of action considering you have other unresolved problems with some of your hardware and your rig is still new.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. Things are still new on my system. I went ahead and did the clean install. It only took an hour or so. My personal files are on another hard from the installation drive anyway.
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