Cant access partition after reinstalling windows 7

help...cant access second partition after reinstalling windows 7.
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  1. You do not really give us a whole lot to go on.

    If the second partition is the rest of the hard drive partitioned during install of W7, you need to go to disk management and format the partition to make it usable.
  2. You need to take ownership of it.

    Right click the drive and select properties.

    From the windows that appears select Security(1). On that tab select Advanced(2).

    A new windows will open....

    Select the Owner(3) tab and select Edit(4).

    From the next screen you can select your self as the owner(5) and make sure you check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and object"(6, make sure you check this, my image is not checked, but you want to check it) box.


    Hope this helps.

  3. nukemaster said:
    You need to take ownership of it.

    Since the OP didn't follow up, I wanted to say I had the same problem and nukemaster's fix worked perfectly. Thank you!!!

    In my case I had data partitions on a separate drive, let's call it disk 2. I did a clean install of Windows 7 on disk 1, and subsequently one of the four partitions on disk 2 was not accessible. (Of course this was the one I most urgently needed.)

    Disk Manager showed the troublesome partition had its proper label and drive letter, it was healthy, it contained data, and an error check showed it was in perfect shape. The partition was visible in Windows Explorer but was not accessible at all.

    Nukemaster's insight into the permissions was spot-on. For some reason this partition was set up long ago with "me" as the owner. By "me" I mean my old profile from Windows XP. The other partitions on that disk showed the Administrators group to be the owner.

    Taking ownership of the partition and all subfolders allowed me to get access to my data once again. :D
  4. glad it helped you.
  5. partition recovery

    i have the same problem right nowbut the difference is i dont see the drive letter in windows explorer

    i had that drive at home and connect it externaly on my new computer i saw all the drive and decide to format c: my old windows and give that hard drive to mystep son

    i thout i would regain my file after reinstalling windows 7 on his computer

    but i cant see the other partition. i see c:\ 146 GB d:\ i dont have that letter shown e:\ 21 gb f:\127gb is the old hard drive of my step son that i ad to format bcuz the windows dnt have enough room to run correctly was on the d :\ so d: and e: is the hard drive of my step son

    my drive is c:\ and possibly d:

    i am currently running icare data recevorery who see the other remaining parition
    and i trying to recover it but its take around 1hour30 to do so
    so i decide to look for a solution and i end up here.

    so i know my parition can be seen but not under windows i have a lot of personal stuff on that drive that i want to recover using a usb portable hard drive.

    do you think this may help if i unplug my step son drive maybe there is a conflic with driver letter?
  6. I have the same problem. After reinstalling win 7, my second partition cant be access. Everytime I try to open it, it only says "Access is denied".
    I tried your solution, but unfortunately it didnt work out. Please help, I have important file in that partion. Thanks in advance.

    This window appeared after I clicked APPLY.
  7. if on [drive] properties doesn't have security tab u can try this
    1. Control panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management
    2. right click on Disk Management / All Task / Properties
    3. there is Security tab, u can change Permission there

    i using windows 7 right now idk if this working on others windows.. gl
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