I really need help... error at the end of W7 installation...

Hey everyone. I really really need some help, Im losing all my faith and hope. I've been waiting forever to get this computer going and one problem after another comes up.

Here's the story. I have all my parts for my new custom rig.

My rig can be seen here:


When I tried to install Windows 7 Ultimate, at first I would get a Communication Error 5-10 seconds after it said Windows is loading

I had my friend test ALL my parts, they all work just fine, he used his DVD Drive to install my CD, it got past the Windows is loading part just fine, he used his Vista upgrade DVD on my DVD Drive, worked fine

However, when HE tried my DVD on my DVD drive, he automatically got a Checksum mismatch error, different than the communication error I got

My motherboard finally came back from the RMA today, no problems found, when I tried to install again today, now I get the Checksum mismatch error

So, when I pop in my CD, it says BOOTMGR is missing, however, if I reboot with the CD already in there it boots off the CD just fine

It takes an unusually long amount of time for it to get past the first few parts including where it says Setup is starting

Notice, this is my FRIENDS CD drive, it works 100% fine and he has been using it fine for the past few months in his new computer, no problems

When I install Windows, it goes ALL the way to the 5 steps, and I believe at Installing updates, it gives me the following error: http://tinypic.com/r/ldv8y/7

Can you guys please help me, Im honestly about to lose it
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  1. What's the make a model of your DVD drive?
  2. Sorry about that, you added a link to your components. It must be Monday and I just need to read/open my eyes a bit more.
  3. My guess is it's an issue with the SATA chipset. Here is where I really notice issues, my board (gigabyte 890fxa-ud5) has multiple sata controllers, If I boot with the DVD drive on the E-sata or gigabytesata, I run into issues, so I'd recommend booting the DVD from the same controller your HD is connected to. Make sure in the BIOS in the boot option you actually select the name of your DVD-ROM and not the generic "CD-ROM". If you can get your friend to do a fresh install of win7 and get it in your machine afterward you should be ok, just load your current drivers afterward.
  4. I am going to give my drive to my friend, he will install Vista and then upgrade it to Windows 7 with my DVD. I guess this is the best route to go? I just don't understand, the friend that's helping me and my friend in another state both got the same motherboard as I did, the GA-P55-USB3 from Gigabyte and they have the Spinpoint F3 1TB and F4 2TB, I have the F3 like my other friend, they have the same CPU, same RAM, their installations worked effortlessly butter smooth, why am I running into a problem
  5. It's most likely the DVD drive. I had a similar issue with two of my DVD drives. They worked with XP but not Win7. Bought a new DVD drive and it worked only when the old DVD drive(s) were disconnected. Anytime I had the other ones connected it would fail.

    See if your friend will lend his DVD drive to you, so you can do a fresh install of Win7 and not an upgrade. Next reconnect your DVD drive and see if it that works. I checked HP's website and did not see any drivers for your DVD drive.
  6. You must of not read carefully. My drive does NOT work period with my CD.

    I AM using his DVD Drive, it gets to Installing Updates then gives the error in the pic

    They're both brand new drives, HP 1260i and LITE-ON iHAS somethin, his drive works just fine with his W7 and Vista

    I hope you didnt misunderstand, Im not angry at you, simply capitalizing to put emphasis on key parts, I appreciate your efforts, I will have him install Vista and then 7 for me onto my HDD, gonna see if that works
  7. Sorry about that but I did some research on your error and found this:

    The error 0x80070017 translates to "CRC Error" which means that the files that are being copied from the disk are not making it to the hard drive with the same structure, meaning that the "original" files on the disk are being modified/changed/corrupted while being copied to the "destination" location on your hard drive during the install.

    This usually means either a bad DVD, or a read error on the DVD drive.

    The easiest thing is to make a USB drive to install Window s7 (and it's WAY faster than DVD too!)

  8. What I am going to do is this. I am going to re-write the files onto a new DVD at 2x speed. I will then also write files onto a USB. I can also be use my friends Vista DVD to install Vista and then his CD to upgrade to W7.

    So I have 3 options or so. I am very confused because the CD worked great when I was upgrading from XP to Vista on my dad's Toshiba laptop, but when I tried doing a clean install, it takes such a long time for it to get anywhere after the first 2 times I tried, seemed like the DVD Drive was taking half an hour to read the DVD.

    Very strange, no scratches, the BOOTMGR file is there... but I will try a USB at my friends house tomorrow, I cant do anything on the computer Im on because it's my dad's university computer where I can't install anything including WinRAR and WinZip
  9. Its defective media!
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Its defective media!

    Im just curious how come it's defective because like I mentioned above the CD worked flawlessly on my dad's laptop just a few months back, hadn't used it till then, no scratches either
  11. Btw, I wanted to say, at first when I was installing, I only saw one partition, one place to install, after the error the first time, I saw a system reserved partition and the other partition, so from what I understand it created that System Reserved partition but it didn't fully complete the installation...
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