Webcam hardware for acer aspire one

i think a virus deleted my webcam software, i just uploaded skype but video chatting only works for them (as in i can see them but they cant see me) i need software, but i dont know what i need or how to get it. please help.
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  1. Hello tcruz23;
    Use Device Manager. In the Start Menu type device into the search bar. In the Control Panel section choose Device Manager.
    Find your webcam device - probably in the Imaging Device category. Click on the small triangle to expand the section.
    Right mouse click on the webcam and choose Update Driver Software. Use Search Automatically for an online search.
  2. tcruz23 said:
    i think a virus deleted my webcam software
    That doesn't sound like something a virus would do.
    Visit the webcam MFGRs website and download/install the software from them.
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