BSOD irql not less of equal Iastor

Hi, I asked for this one, please help.

Bought a new laptop as seen here

Downloaded a malicious exe found here

I downloaded the zipfile , ran kapersky virus check on it, said it wad fine. Ran .exe

***, program damn near instantly froze my pc reboot to windows loading screen and BSOD, irql not less of equal , seen Iastor.sys at the bottom.
Stop 0x000000D1 and sometimes no irql... With stop 0x000000E1 or 0x0000007E or 0x000000B1 or 0x00000021 or A few others
During this it does a memory dump and then reboot.

Safe modes no go, restore no go, sometimes I can run windows for less then a minute.

Tried to fix for hours, raging pissed, please help, I'll donate money
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  1. So you got a virus from trying to run an illegal crack? Sorry, I have no sympathy for you. Reinstall Windows, and consider this a lesson.
  2. I agree it sounds like time for a reformat and clean install.

    There's plenty of legitimate open source software to be had on the web. ;)
  3. Fair enough guys thanks.
  4. It probably passed the AV check OK but after you ran it grabbed some bad stuff off the internet and messed up your system.
    You really are better off going the clean install route. The Safe mode & restore failure kinda points to a nasty rootkit that modifies the OS.
  5. Thanks wr2 , I'll see if I can access the partion to do so, I'll get back w/ update
  6. You can try to rescue any of your personal date or files that you need.
    Use a bootable CD/DVD rescue disk.
    AVG Rescue CD is one option. Besides an AVG AV scan option it has some utility programs like Midnight Commander that will let you browse your files.
  7. IdiotJerry said:
    Fair enough guys thanks.

    Jerry, Aside from the judgmental, self righteous *ssholes out there, there is another way if you have another machine. Take the hard drive out of the affected machine, sock it into another machine, do your AV work and doc/file backups and manipulate the various startup files from there.

    There are legitimate reasons to get cracks, such as when I had a disk go bad for one reason or another and the company was a douchebag about it and wouldn't replace it without my buying a new disk. I got a keygen and the problem was solved. I owned the disk, still have it, but I can now actually use the program.

    Don't need your sympathy, pontiff.
  8. Hi, I'm also having the bsod IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
    I downloaded bluescreen review and the file in red is:

    I usually experience this when I'm gaming.

    Custom build:
    Mobo : MSI 870-G45
    cpu: AMD phenom II (Quard core 3.4 Ghz)
    RAM: two 4GB sticks of G-Skill Ripjaws (DDR3 1600)
    Vid Card: GTX 275 by EVGA

    It bsods.. a LOT.
    Need help!

    Win7 32 only recognizes 3.25 GB of my RAM, could this be the main issue?
    I just got an error from my last restart saying that my win7 isn't legal, but I KNOW it is..
    I just purchased win7 64 bit, think that will help?
    last bsod: 3/18/2011
    also, I have all the updated drivers, i have swept and cleaned my registry, but I do have AVG, but I doubt that it would cause my bsod..
    please help?
  9. yeah or use any linux live cd
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