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I am considering selling my current tower to pay for my part of my new high end Dell notebook. Just trying to get a ball park figure for what I could get out of it. I might still sell it to my aunt that bought one of my old systems from me previously. My tower has the following specs.
P3 733 (retail packed, still have original box and paperwork)
Abit SE6 mobo (815E chipset, have original box)
2xCrucial 128 meg PC133 Cas2 DIMMS (7.5ns, have original package)
Maxtor 40.9 gig ATA/100 7200 rpm drive
Toshiba 12x DVD
Sony 10x4x32 burner (have box, cd, and papers)
Real Magic Hollywood+ DVD decoder card
Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer (Not 5.1, should still have box and cd's)
3com 10/100 nic
Antec 300 Atx supply, (have box)
Screwless case, 3 ext 5.25 drive bays, 2 ext 3.5 bays, 2 internal 3.5 bays, has a 80mm front fan, space for a 60mm back fan, additional USB header cable installed
3.5 floppy

The AGP port is open, I have already sold off the GF3 that I was running in the system.

The case, p/s, and chip are about a year old. The mobo was replaced about 3 months ago, the hard drive is maybe 2 months old, the burner and dvd player I got late last year. I have reciepts and box for most of the parts.

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  1. $250 including shipping.

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  2. I'd give you 300 for it.

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  3. I'm interested in your system, but are you sure you don't want to sell it to your aunt? If so, I'd give you $550 for it.

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