How do i tell the computer that the ink is full

Hello, i bought a black ink cartridge for my HP Deskjet F4500 which should be able to print 600 pages. Apparently on the website they claim that the computer will think the cartridge is empty when it is not and therefore not print. Please can I have help!
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  1. I'm not quite with you. Are you saying that a full cartridge is showing as empty and that it is refusing to print? Is this a genuine HP cartridge?

    My HP printer will continue to print even when it is showing empty ink-levels, but it does warn me. I just keep going until it is obviously beginning to run out.
  2. Need more detail. Is this a aftermarket cartrige? Are you actually getting a message about the ink being out and you can't print or are you just worried about it? Did you print 500 pages and you are wondering why you can't print more?

    And yes, there were tests done that show that the printer will list a cartridge as empty before it fully is, but they do that for a reason, to help prevent damage to the print heads. Although some printers are a bit zealous in doing this and report empty when there is like 1/3rd left.
  3. On most inkjet printers the heads are built into the cartridge; damaging the print heads is not something that I worry about.
  4. I have the same situation: I have a HP C6280 all-in-one printer.

    The black cartridge is full.
    My Mac see's this but my husbands desktop PC doesn't, thus refusing to print. Is there a way to make the PC recognize the new cartridges?

    I read the coment about 3rd party products. Is a PC set up so you can't use 3rd party ink (Rapid Refill), which I have started using?

    I have just had the few documents that we needed to print sent by email to myself and I print them on my
    "thankfully so smart" Mac... :-)

  5. When you get an HP integrated ink cartridge refilled (i.e. HP 60, 61, 74, 75, 901, 92-98....currently offered at Costco or Frys today) or if you buy a remanufactured/compatible HP ink cartridge, the ink levels cannot be reset (HP has a smart chip embedded within the nozzle plate at base of ink cartridge which counts the drops and then registers as empty) you'll just need to live with it and ignore 'ink low', 'non-genuine', 'counterfeit' messsages and similar while you are using these types of aftermarket supplies. The first video below provides an overview of the 'low ink' phenomena.

    Now, for severe cartridge errors (i.e. “refer to documentation” / “incompatible cartridges”, etc.) these typically indicate the internal micro-electronics of the HP #60-61 cartridge are electrically damaged. The cartridge’s electrical wire runs at rear and lower side of the ink cartridge, are very delicate and are somewhat susceptible to ink attack over time, which can lead to premature failures. In addition, the older the cartridge the higher the chance of an internal electrical failure due to prolonged ink exposure and subsequent circuit corrosion. I suggest you always run a ‘Tap 41’ diagnostic test to check cartridges electrical health (this is a forced test); you may also bypass the error (temporarily) on C4600-C4700 models which use HP 60 cartridges. Refer to Inkjet411 youtube videos below:

    HP 60, 60XL, 61, 61XL Ink Cartridge Refills - Solving Errors & Warnings:

    HP Photosmart C4600 & C4700 Printers - Diagnostics Tap 41 Test:

    HP Photosmart C4600 C4700 D110a Printers – HP 60 Cartridge Error Bypass:

    HP Deskjet F2400 F4400 and F4500 Printers - Diagnostics Tap 41 Test:

    HP Deskjet 4200 Printers – Diagnostics Tap 41 Test:

    HP Deskjet D2500 & D2600 Printer -Tap 10 Diagnostic Test:
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