Dual Boot Of XP 32bit and 7 64bit

I have win 7 32 bit installed on my C drive and win 7 64 bit installed on my D drive How can I boot either system with out going into the setup menu and chooseing the boot drive of choice. Thank You very much
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  1. Hello jamesamato;

    EasyBCD utility program is what you want.

    Are you using XP/Win7 or Win7/Win7?
  2. EasyBCD will indeed make it easier.

    Specifically, ensure that the system always boots to your later install (esp. if you have XP as your 32-bit system) by adjusting the boot order in your BIOS. I strongly recommend that you plug the drive you want to boot off into the very first SATA slot; otherwise, if you plug in and remove devices the boot order seems to shift.

    Now that you are booting from the drive with the 64-bit OS installed, use EasyBCD to add the 32-bit OS to the 64-bit OS's boot menu.

    A question: Do you have two drives (sounds like it) or one with two partitions?
  3. Check out this thread: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/14268-63-dual-boot-windows . WR2 gives more detail.
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