K8V SE deluxe error: The bios does not be installed

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After having a stable system for about a year, suddenly out of nowhere
I get the following error when I boot:

Scan devices
Press <tab> key into user window!
Hardware initiate failed, please check device!!!
The bios does not be installed
Press <g> to continue!

Sometimes I can reset, and the bios will detect my two sata harddisks
and boot from them, other times I have to give up booting my pc.

This has been going on for the last 5 days. What on earth is going on?
Is the motherboard failing or the SATA drives? It looks like it's the VIA
SATA RAID controller that is failing.

The two WD SATA hd on the VIA controller are not running raid 0 or 1.
They have simply been added as individual plain disks.
The first one boots with WinXP.

My system:
ASUS K8VSEDX Rev 2.00 (BIOS v1004.006)
Athlon64 3200+ @2.00GHz
DIMM0&1 : Kingston 512 MB DDR RAM 3200 (KVR400X64C3A/5)
DIMM2 : Empty
Sapphire RADEON 9800 Atlantis Pro 128 MB DDR (8xAGP)
2 x WDC WD1600JD SATA on VIA controller
IBM 120GB 60GXP IC35L120AVV207-0 (115.0GB) PATA

BTW I'm not overclocking anything. Any help would be appreciated!

Regards/Peter Simonsen
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  1. Ive had the same error.. after several drives, via raid cards, and cables.. ive narrowed it down to a thermal issue
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