Problem with Umax scanner and Win XP.

Hi all,
I own a Umax Astra 3400 and just connected it to one of my USB ports. On boot-up Win XP finds and installs the drivers for the scanner, but when I try to use it I get a message that it "can't be found...check connections, etc."
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the USB ports, unplugging and rebooting, etc. but I still get the same message.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. You might need to upgrade the mainboard chipset drivers, or try to install the Win2K drivers with the digital signature disabled in order to get the scanner to function correctly.

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    While this link is not about WinXP ... the information might be helpful, just the same.

    Currently, there are no WinXP drivers available for <i>any</i> UMAX scanners, of any model. They are still under development.



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  2. Gymscat,
    A friend told me of a similar prob' w/ WinXP & his scanner. He unplugged it from the usb hub & plugged it directly to the back of his box. He read a post somewhere about another with the USB on the front of his box. That guy moved it to the back & it worked. HTH (hope this helps).

    I've got a 1220P, and according to MS I'm sol. Any info would be cool.
  3. An old post, but I have the answer, if you have not tossed out the POS. I'm reading thur these because after finally getting my e3420 to work with XP, now the scanner is mechanically not scanning. But I guess thats why UMax can sell scanners for $29.
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