32bit to 64bit ::: backing up.


I am wanting to put windows 7 64 bit on my computer to replace the 32bit that i allready have. The reason being is that it will only recognise 3gig of the 4gig that i have and it really annoys me.

I do not have an extra hard drive or and external so my question is, How can i back up my files, games ect, if i have no extra hdd? is there a way i can do it?

Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. A thumb drive or even burn the backup to DVD or CD.
  2. backing to disk isnt an option. i have about 250gig of stuff i want to keep.
  3. Never mind, i have found a way to partition my drive, then i can run the new disk and only install it on the original partition keeping my other files safe???
  4. Should work fine.
  5. Thank you very much ;p
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