Benny Hinn!?

What are your opinions on him?
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  1. Its been years, and what I remember was, he was heavily into the "gifts" of the spirit-praying in tongues et al, he liked being on TV and seen, and his true message was crumbs and milk, instead of vegatables and meat
  2. Wiki:
    "At Hinn's Miracle Crusades, he has allegedly healed attendees of blindness, deafness, cancer, AIDS,... Hinn is notable for his mistaken prophecies relating to the end times, including the destruction of homosexuals in the USA, the death of Fidel Castro in the 1990s, and the end of the world in 1992 and 1999."

    I LOLed hard. Shouldn't take his words seriously, even less seriously than words in wikipedia.
  3. I think they're all actors, but then again, it's all for the money!
  4. He is a parasite and a tool just like the rest of the scabs who prey on human misfortune and weakness.

    Please send me $5 and i will ask Reverand Mingo to bless you at the altar of divine computational providence next Sabbath (technically starting Friday nights here).

    This will result in a net FPS gain commensurate with your level of devotion to me ... the supreme bit.

  5. I immediately believe in the supreme bit and send $5. My FPS is up by 50%. I pray for another 10 minutes and send another $45 and I am now getting 500% FPS!!

    It is true.

    If you don't pay and devote yourself to the supreme bit, your will get instant BSOD and PSU explosion. This happens to my foolish neighbour next door who do not believe and insulted me, the first prophet of the supreme bit. You should never insult the supreme bit and I, the first prophet. You are not allowed to insult the supreme bit and I because it insult every single one of the supreme bit believers.

    Now, as the number of believers grow, we need to build a place of worship to honour the supreme bit. The cost is $4 million AUD. Please send me donation so we can complete this monument in the name and honour of the almighty supreme bit.

    Praise our lord the supreme bit, 00101010!
  6. Yes we are grooming Oldmangamer73 for a Talkback radio slot to help us generate more revinue for the cause (my retirement fund).

    He has been studying this Beck fellow very closely in order to emulate the style which the gullible US crowd will sucumb to easiest, and pour countless pennies our way.

    Don't believe what you may have read before ... this is a true conspiracy of epic proportions.

    The brains of our outfit of course is riser ... where would we be without his Dolphin steaks every Tuesday might and the seal fir coats he bought our wives ... ??

    I bless him every day !!

  8. Dang, how do you insert video.......
  9. Fixed

    Edit: oh, wait!


    Can Benny cure osteoporosis?
  10. Outside ... a horde of chiropractors and physiotherapists await ... to hand out cards as the tired, sore, but uplifted flock drag their bodies from the celebration.

    I think I saw my gran there too ... she had epilepsy ... though in the video it looks like demonic possession I guess ... too many flashing lights.

    Benny has scary hair ...
  11. ^better than the reply I can hope for
  12. Worked with a guy who went to one of these "healing" groups.
    He said the service was outstanding, he could feel the spirit etc etc.
    The "preacher healed several people, some old and infirm got out of their wheelchairs and doing twirls etc.
    He then asked anyone who wanted to come up and witness the miracles.
    I asked the guy, did you go up?
    He said of course, he wanted to make sure, he wanted to come close to these miracles.
    I asked him why he went up?
    Again, he said he wanted to witness the miracles.
    I asked him, where then is your faith?
  13. Pyree said:

    Praise our lord the supreme bit, 00101010!

    I will put my faith into the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  14. He is a scam, just greedy and preys on the sick
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