If you have Vista Ultimate 64, do you have to upgrade to 7 Ultimate?

I currently have Vista Ultimate 64. Is my only upgrade path to Windows 7 Ultimate? Or can I upgrade to say Premium or Professional?

Also, can you upgrade using a Full Version, or do you need to buy the Upgrade version?
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  1. I am not sure you can. In any case it is always better to do a clean install. You will need full version of W7. IF you can get OEM version, it is a lot cheaper. You will also need to install all the software

    Be sure to make copies of your personal files (documents, photos, videos, etc). Do not use backup programs since different OS might cause problems.
  2. All you need is an upgrade disc, for the version of windows 7 that you want. You'll have the option to do a custom install or in place upgrade.

    The custom install will move your current data to C:\windows.old. So it automatically backs up your data, but you'll have to reinstall all of your programs.

    Depending on the version of windows 7 you go to, the in place upgrade may or may not be an option. Though, personally, I would prefer to do the custom install anyway.
  3. Hello Kadence;
    You can upgrade to any version of major versions of Windows 7 64bit.
    Having a full Retail version essentially means you don't need to 'qualify' for the upgrade. There are no restrictions about owning a previous version of Windows.

    It's not necessary to get the Retail version to do a clean install.
    See how one person got it done by calling Microsoft.
    I went a different direction by installing Windows 7 upgrade as a dual boot option along side Windows Vista (and Windows XP as well).
  4. Thanks for the responses. I'd rather not do a clean install, because I have lots of software installed on my Vista OS - and for some of it I don't have the original setup files anyway so I couldn't reinstall it.
    WR2 said:
    Hello Kadence;
    You can upgrade to any version of major versions of Windows 7 64bit.

    So I don't need W7 Ultimate - I can use Premium or Professional?

    I want to make sure because the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor software says:
    Upgrade optional available
    You can upgrade to 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I am not sure if this means I can *only* upgrade using W7 Ultimate, or if it is simply listing one option out of multiple.
  5. It's not your only option... it's just that you qualify for the lower priced Ultimate upgrade.
    If you were going from Vista Home Premium you would not qualify for the Ultimate upgrade price.

    You'll be fine with Win7 Home Premium. Do you need or want any of the Pro features?
  6. Are you planning on doing the inplace upgrade? A replacement of Vista Ultimate with Win7 Home Premium, for example?
  7. Thanks - I don't think I'd need any of the Pro features. And I'd prefer to do an upgrade rather than a fresh install.
  8. Going for the upgrade won't be a problem but I'd suggest you run a system cleaner like CCleaner just to tidy things up prior to upgrading.
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    I too have vista ultimate 64, but YES you will, need to use the win7 ultimate to inplace upgrade. (at the time the RTM was released i researched it and found out that i would need to go with ultimate was pissed beCause microsoft had a cheap upgrade offer at the time. In any case go to the WIN7 microsoft web site to look at your options, may they have changed.).... I didn't i when with a clean install of win7 pro (cause i got a student priced upgrade verson).
    BTW the way you can install the upgrade version on a clean computer by installinf it without the serial number, then upgrading it again, and input the serial number to activate it (while it may be 'a off the page' solution it works) and is legaller than pirating a copy.

    To sum up, you are burned ( just like i was you vista ultimate), in place upgrade will require the ultimate version.
    Of course this is all moot, ( except for the clean-with-an-upgrade-version method) if you want to go 64bit and are on 32 bit. (cannot do an in place 32 to 64bit upgrade)
  10. Everyone will tell you that a clean install is better than an in-place upgrade anyway... I don't think I've ever heard of an in-place upgrade going smoothly. So buying the Home Premium upgrade certainly wouldn't hurt.
  11. redeye said:
    I too have vista ultimate 64, but YES you will, need to use the win7 ultimate to inplace upgrade.
    After reading Redeye's comments I went back and checked again with several different sources which confirm what he already knew.
    The in-place upgrade option IS limited to Win7 Ultimate.
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