Windows 7 and RAID 0

On my vista64bit I'm running raid 0 at 128bits, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing higher options but thought 128bit would be most stable. For windows 7 what would you all here recommend setting my bits to for RAID 0 on windows 7?
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  1. higher sizes will offer better performance at the sacrifice of usable storage space, lower will obviously have the opposite result; the differences CAN be significant though all are equally stable

    research raid cluster size for comparisons
  2. so pretty much just go for the highest bit for the quickest setup? The more hdd space usage doesnt really bother me cause Im gonna run the RAID 0 on 2 500gb drives.
  3. yes the largest cluster will give the best performance
  4. thanks for the quick reply
  5. np good luck with your project
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