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I had a question about Virtual Desktop that my best friend named Google doesn't wan't to answer for me. I realize that there are tons of applications out there that can make multiple desktops with different wallpapers on each and you can run different applications on different desktops. question was, I want to have lets say 2 virtual just using that as an example, it can be more, I really don't care. But my question was, is there anyway to make it so that each different desktop has different application shortcuts. For example, lets say I have one desktop with shortcuts only for games, another desktop with shortcuts only for work microsoft office or adobe photoshop and another desktop with shortcuts to other misc applications. Is there anyway to do that, because none of the applications I've tried have features allowing to do that.

I sort of makes sense why applications can't do it, because deleting a shortcut would ultimately delete it from your user desktop folder but I don't know, anyway around this?...I know you can simply create another account for this, but I want to do all that on a single account if possible, thanks for any help.
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  1. I was curious when I saw this post so I went and played with my Sabayon Linux PC as I have the cube set up on it with four desktops.

    I put an icon on one but it also appears on all the others when I switched to them.

    I think it doesn't work for the reasons you already stated.
  2. I thought that it wouldn't logically be possible, but still worth a try, maybe there is something out there. Oh well, if not then Ill just make another account :) Thanks for the help though.

    PS: For linux, is the program you use for that called Compiz?
  3. blackhawk1928 said:
    PS: For linux, is the program you use for that called Compiz?

    Yes that sounds about right.

    I'm still fairly new at playing with Linux but I believe there are some other components as well that allow it to do what I have it doing.
  4. Oh well, guess I'll have to create another account for "work" purposes. Thanks for the help anyway.
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