Join Windows 7 PC to 2 domains?

How do I join my Windows 7 PC to 2 domains? We currently have our day to day domain as well as a dev domain. when trying to log back into the other domain I get an error message stating something along the lines of a security authentication problem with the workstation. i also changed the dns b/w the 2 so that it would work.

in theory, if i had a laptop and were traveling from my office to an offsite client where i would need a different login, would i have to go through the long route of bringing the pc on and off the domain every time?
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  1. I dont think it is possible to be in two different domains as the domain policys will conflict with each other (ie: security settings, password policies, windows update settings, homepage configuration, internet explorer policies, the unique ID assigned to the system when joining a domain, etc) The best solution would be to dual boot your system, have two version of Windows 7 one for each domain. Either that or change the domain membership each time.
  2. You can't join a PC to 2 domains, but if there is a trust setup between them, both domains will show up in the logon options. If you can see the other domain in the logon options, but can't actually logon to that domain, work with the system admins to sort out the issue.

    You don't need to join a new domain every time you go somewhere, just have a local logon to the laptop, and use a username and password provided by the other site to access resources as needed.
  3. Your computer should be connected to only one domain. If there is another domain, then your primary domain server must trust the other domain.

    Having multiple domains together is called a "forest"

    A quick google on "Forest" and active directory should get your AD admin off in the right direction.
  4. I know if you have two network connections on your machine, then you can connect to two different domains. (i.e. two LAN ports or one LAN port and one Wireless connection) I've seen them use this at work to connect to two different domains.

    I believe the issue is that a discrete communication channel is required for each connected domain, the route through which the data communication can be sent.

    Get an add on network/wireless card or USB device and you should be able to get it working.
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