C drive is marked as inactive?


sorry, i was wrong, ignore the tilte please, because i not using english OS at the time, so i directly translated the message, but the actuall mesage is:
The selected volume is on a dynamic disk
when i select the location to save.


hi, so just reinstalled my os a few days ago, and today, i finally finish installing all the basic programs, so i opened up windows back up and select my data drive to backup on (D:) but under it, theres that yellow triangle notification saying that the selected partition is on a active drive.
for my understanding, active drive is only suppose to be my C: drive, so i opened up disk management to check, and C: drive is actually inactive, but it is my system drive.
I tried marking D as inactive with diskpart, but it doesnt change anything, it still says it is active, and if i mark C as active in diskmanagement, the OS wont load. So i put my win7 disk back in and change it back to what it was. so, what is the problem here? why isnt my system drive active? and why is my data drive active? :(
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  1. The partition you are trying to make active is probably a recovery partition.
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