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Hi everyone.
Its about game Knights of Honor.
I have the save file (it was played in LAST XP windows)

Now,where shoul i copy it so i cant continium on Windows7,i tryed everything EVERTTHING and its still not working,cant progress,these saves mean alot to me,can anyone help?
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  1. Hello peraperic100;
    Play level 1 again. Where is it saved?
    Put your save file there.
  2. Agreed, make a new saved game, give it a funny name so you can find it easily, then check where the game keeps its save files. Then copy your file there.
  3. i did that...its no where...cant find it,even with Run contorl
  4. Did you:

    1) Install the game on Windows 7.
    2) Play the game and make a new save game.
    3) Look for the location of this saved game.
  5. Look in \Users\your user name\ folder. See a Saved Games folder there? Anything inside from Black Sea Studios or Knights Of Honor?
    You can also click on your User Name on the Start Menu right side panel.

    If not it's probably in the hidden \Users\your user name\App Data\ folder.

    In the Start Menu type show hidden into the Search Bar at the bottom
    Choose Show Hidden Files and Folders in the Control Panel section. Check the Show radio button and Apply.
    Then click on your User Name on the Start Menu right side panel.
    Do you see a new semi transparent folder called AppData?
    Look through there for something to do with either Black Sea Studios or Knights Of Honor.
  6. Yeah,i found the folder,i copy my saves but its not working in i didnt copy :O

    I quess il have to start again,Windows 7 just dont accept this saves..

    Thanks for help.
  7. Alright,this was wierd,i deleted game and installed it again,and save is working..whatever good job Microsoft...
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