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Will you get a different internet speed connection with different qualities of 56K modems, for example i currently have an HSP micromodem and can download with an average of 4.4 kb/s if i were to buy say a more expensive 56 K modem would this speed increase?

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  1. any chance of upgrading to broadband in your area? It's too much brain strain to worry about minute differences in antique technology, IMHO.

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  2. I cant get broadband nor cable , (in the country), my connection is so slow any advice or tweaks would be great.
  3. what does your connection speed say when you connect? Who is your ISP?

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  4. ISP = one.tel (UK)

    Not sure what you mean by, 'what does it say when you connect', when you download someone the speed can start at up to 30kb/s then it drops to about a steady 4kb/s after about 1min.
  5. well, here's what I would do:

    Try to get a decent name brand V.92 modem (US Robotics comes to mind) from a store, with the understanding that it's returnable. Then take it home and try it out.

    Depending on you model PC, you may also want to make sure you get a hardware modem rather than a WinModem (which your model is).

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  6. I do not think modem makes any noticable difference. I try a few modem a few years ago and cannot notice any difference.
  7. were only talking about maybe 1 kb/s difference here, lol

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  8. If I was you, I'd save my money for when broadband becomes available so you can buy your router and adsl or cable modem. It seems like a waste of $$ to purchase a modem for such a minimal performance increase, if any.

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  9. It'd probably be better to check the phone wireing and connections in your house...

    I just build a new box fo my DadInLaw who has only Dial Up...
    The box has a HCF Modem Balster.. ( not a Bad modem)
    But he gets a bad connect speed (like 33-38K) and gets droped a lot...
    Huh... ( worked fine a my house (like 48K) so...
    I read the connect hints...
    1. Never use a Flat wire connection cord longer than 6ft from modem to Wall! and don't bundle into or around other wires goin to the PC.
    2. Check inhouse phone wires to insure the house has twisted pair (Cat3) phone wireing thru the walls...( Your SOL if it doesn't - pull new wire!)
    3. Check each phone outlet box - insure good connections loosing as few twists as possible - Use the gelled connecters for connections, buttends and splices...

    Connection started out averaging 33-38K, lots of dropped connections/redials...

    Wow! He was usin a 10Ft flat wire connection cord from modem to wall. I made a custom connecton wire from twisted pair(Cat3)and crimped on rj11 connectors.
    Oh Boy! This alone increased the average connection speed up to 42-48K, and totally stopped the dropped connections! Replacing flat (silk) wire really helps!

    Then I opened up the wall connection boxes - He "Did" have twisted pair phone wireing inside the wall, but if not "you in Big trouble here"! - and some homes don't!
    But thru years of repairs and add ons, the connections inside the connection boxes had been baddly "Untwisted" with poor (bare and taped) splices.
    I "retwisted" as much as possible, used the gell connectors for splices, and made sure twists ran all the way up to the screw connections on the back plates...
    WaLa! now a 48-50.6K connection - Everytime!!!

    Checkin you local on-premises wires will probably do more good than a new modem... If your stuck with dial-up Check those wires!

    (I really had hard time believin that that 10ft flat wire connection cord from modem to wall really made that much difference - But It DID!)
    The connection is at least acceptable now!
  10. thanks a lot.

    i must have about 20 + ft of connection cord all bundled up about half way down the line, it goes right through the house, cant see how i'll shorten it though.
  11. Next time ya run into a friend or sonmeone with a Crimper, have him make make ya a custom length Cat(3) connect wire...

    Or Maybe Home Depot might even make ya one!
    I was supprized how it helped!
  12. Try not to have too much excess or coiled cable. That can also contribute to a crappier connection. (crappier is an network industry term BTW :smile: )

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  13. just found this site, might be of some interest for your dadinlaws connection.


    or download


    and read the txt file in it, says you can get up to 115+ K with a dial-up connection.
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