Viper2 / IRQ / K7M / Win2k

Okay heres my setup first:

K7M Rev. 1.04 Motherboard with AMD 751 and Via VT82C686A,
Diamond Viper II / 32MB / AGP - Latest Driver - Win2k,
3Com 905 - TX NIC - Not Latest Driver / Non-NT Compatible,
SoundBlaster Live X-Gamer - Using Microsoft Driver,
Creative 52Xmx CD-ROM Drive,
Western Digital 20GB HDD,
Maxtor 1.6 GB HDD,
128MB PC-133 Micron CAS 2,
Windows 2000 Pro. SP2, Latest Updates + Criticals,

Okay I have downloaded and installed AMD 751 for win2k drivers. Well the Miniport driver. I have installed my Viper2 via manual installation by going through Device Manager and updating driver. The Problem I'm having is with my Mouse which is the Microsoft Optical Intellimouse configured on my USB. Every now and again I'll watch my mouse pointer moving by its own. I figure this is a conflict somewhere. I know my USB, 3Com NIC, SoundBlaster, and 3Com Winmodem are all configured to use IRQ 9 which I thought was kinda odd. I tried re-arranging my PCI cards to no avail it still comes up with the same IRQ address's. The other problem is with my Viper II with Savage 2000 chipset. What is happening is my text graphics seem to be corrupted. When I scroll to hidden text it comes up garbled and its the same going up or down. Also when I click on icons to highlight them the description text gets garbled also. The third item which is related to the first problem is How in the heck do I arrange the IRQ's in Windows 2000. In the device manager I cannot manually assign. I've tried P-N-P OS in Bios to no avail. Oh by the way my Bios is flashed with the latest Update. Also with my Viper 2. If anyone has almost the same setup ie.. Video / Motherboard / Windows 2000 Pro. Tell me your experiences pls. Also if anyone has any insight on how to re-configure the IRQ's please fill me in. I'm at a loss here. Also every now and again I can hear crackling noises on the speakers. Thanks in advance.


P.S. This message will be posted on the other related topics. Sorry if this erks anyone.
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  1. To have the ability to assign your own IRQ's you'll have to switch to "Standard PC" instead of "ACPI compliant...something" in Device manager. Else it will always put your hardware on the same IRQ, even if you assign them manually in BIOS. Be aware that if you do that it will try to reinstall everything on the next boot-up, so have your drivers handy. Note that you will lose ALL ACPI functions. After you will be able to play with your IRQ's using the BIOS.

    Hope that helps.

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  2. Well I don't need the Powersave options anyway.. LOL Only problem I can see with that is the K7M ver. 1.04 doesn't allow you to manually assign IRQ's. The only options I get for all PCI slots are PCI / PNP or ISA / PNP. Thats it. No IRQ number option. Very distressing. Thanks for the info may-be windows will assign the devices to different IRQ's. Shouldn't I remove the PCI Bus to re-install all PCI devices? Thanks for the info again.

  3. Also I looked for other drivers for Microsoft Compliant - Apci System. I cannot find Standard PC? Do you know where I'm suppost to find that at? I downloaded the Via 4 in 1 drivers and noticed the acpi driver in there and a IRQ routing feature also the PCI superior busmaster. I cannot install the AMDIDE.INF because all they have in there is a PCI File. no INF extension. Because I wanted to override the installer. It keeps your existing drivers if the file is not more recent than whats installed on your system. Very frustrating. Please Help thanks.

  4. In hardware manager/Computer, display properties for ACPI Compliant blah blah..., "driver" tab, "Update driver" button. Choose "display a list of known driver" when prompted, select "show all hardware in this device class", on the left panel, choose (Standard computers) and you should see "Standard PC"

    Hope that helps!

    By the way I dont know for your BIOS, I personnally own a K7V and I have the ability to specify my own PCI IRQ's.

    It's better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick!
  5. I re-installed the whole OS. Got it to Standard PC. Managed to get most of the devices to their own IRQ except:

    Via USB Universal Host Controller IRQ 10
    Via USB Universal Host Controller IRQ 10
    3Com 905B-TX Nic 10/100 IRQ 10

    I also run a USB Microsoft Optical Intellamouse
    Would that NIC be causing pointer drift? I also found out that I had to decrease the amount of colors to 16bit in order for the Viper II not to screw up text graphics except for bold text. Kinda of a weird problem really. I also tried to get the AMD / AGP fix entered into the registry and Blammo automatic rebooting computer. So I removed the registry key. Works okay I guess. Ultimately I need better win2k drivers for video. Oh when I run a 3d game my computer reboots also. I assume that has to do with my limited 128 megs under that memory hog of a win2k OS.

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