How to install a Dat file in Windows 7 C:\\USMT2 UNC\\IMG00001 dat

I can not open a USMT2.UNC\IMG00001.DAT in Windows 7
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  1. If this is an image file from a previous version of Windows I don't think you can.
    You should use the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard to save data from a previous OS to Windows 7 if you still have the old OS installed.
  2. Thanks for the reply Jonmor68. I did use the Transfer Wizard in Windows XP and it made the file along with three other files( IMG00002.DAT, IMG00003.DAT, Status. The Transfer Wizard if Windows 7 will not open them.
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    You need to use the one from Windows 7 not XP as it's not compatible.
    Here is a guide on how to use the W7 Wizard in XP:
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