How important is it to have...

windows 7 ready hard ware?

i have win XP pro 32bit and iv been thinking of going win7 64bit or ..dare i say a a push Vista 64bit...

all i want it for is gaming and a small bit of P-shopping..

im running ATM:
like i said win xp 32bit

core 2 quad Q8200
4gb (3.5) corsair cmx ddr2 ram
xfx gts250 core edition 1gb gddr3
Asus p5kpl/1600
powercool 650watt psu
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  1. Hello Confusedracoon;

    You can run the Win7 Upgrade Advisor and it will tel you if your hardware is ready to go.

    Or you can check the Windows 7 Compatibility Center website where you can check software and hardware items.

  2. I think everything you have should be compatible, but go by WR2's suggestion and run the Upgrade Advisor.
  3. cheers for the link and simple reply =D
  4. cheers guys, the windows validation....upgrade advisor thing was no use....i thought it would check hardware not software :( oh well just gota get rid of netfraework1.1 and uograde msn and steam hay hoe cheers again =D
  5. =D
  6. =) but with a D so extra happy
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