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I have an emachines e627 notebook with windows 7 and when i cut it on it gives u option to press f2 for setup and if u do that then it ask for the current password which is the BIOS password which i dont have that. But if u dont press f2 for setup it pops up an error message on a black screen that say a disk read error has occured press ctrl+alt+del to restart but it wont restart when i press them all it does is stay on that screen. Please if anybody knows how to resolve this problem please respond or email me at . And i dont know how to remove the cmos battery out of this notebook its not under the main battery.


amanda :(
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  1. Lots of laptops don't allow you to get into the bios.

    Although some have a generic password of "password", "admin" or "changeme".. quite a lot of the time it's the manufacturer stopping the user from going into the bios and screwing everything up.

    The disk read error looks like a corrupt or broken hard drive.

    You need a Win7 disc (or recovery disc if your notebook came with one) and boot into the recovery console on the disk, from there you can try chkdsk or fixboot and see if that helps..

    If you still can't boot up you can either send it back to emachines to get it fixed, though I'm not sure if they will be able to save your data.

    Or if you can (too lazy to check myself) get the hard drive out of the notebook, pop it in another machine or enclosure and get the data off that way.

    Either way it sounds like eventually you'll need a format and re-install to get it running again.
  2. none of those passwords work. In all honesty i think that the hard drive has crashed in it but i could be wrong.
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