Help! Games Crash or Lock up System

It does not matter what game I try to play. The game will either stutdown with out warning or error message. Or it will lock up my system. I have re-installed directx9, but I am out of ideas from here. Does anyone have a clue what else I can try??
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  1. Im not a pro but have u tried the latest drivers for your video card / monitor, I have Omega drivers for my ATI (suggested by someone on these forums) and it fixed my video crashes...try them out if you have ATI graphics...otehr than that just try updating everything...

    PS: check the temp of the graphics card and the processor ;)

    -Mac User-
  2. Yeah, sounds like a vid card driver problem.

    Have you changed anything that may have started the prob?

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  3. figured it out. it was a heat problem. Got a new heatsink and its fine now. thanks though

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    A7N8X-E Deluxe
    768 DDR PC2700
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