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Ok so Im planning on installing the OEM version of Windows 7 Ulitmate on my system but I have one question. From what I have read you can "Only use the disk once" meaning for one install on one system. Does this mean that if at a later date I wanted to do a clean install on the same system it would NOT work? :heink:
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  1. You may re-install a OEM version on the same computer and reactivate it with no problem. If you change some components, you may have to call microsoft, but when on the same computer - it's just a formality.
  2. You can use the disc as many times and on as many machines as you want. It's the license key that can only be used on one system.
  3. Hi,
    the only thing, it's happen to me 2 or 3 times, when you re-install because of change part, you will have to contact Microsoft to obtain a new liscence number. that's the only problem.
  4. There is no limit to thee number of times you can reinstall on the same computer and hardware, so long as you don't reinstall more then about 3 times in a 6 months period it will reactivate on line. Too many reinstalations and activations in a short space of time will require a phone call to Microsoft to get it reactivated.
  5. I have done a dozen reinstalls of XP when trying to diagnose a driver issue w/o MS giving me headaches. Dunno if Win7 follows suit. Again, w/ XP, you had to change 6 things before activation became an issue.
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