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I am a firm believer in Windows 7. Best OS in a long time in my opinion. My wife got a free Windows 8 disk (legal with license), Since Windows 8 is geared more towards touchscreens and tablets, I was thinking about putting it on our HP Touchsmart.
Just to give it a test drive on a touch PC. I have tried it on a normal laptop and did not like it at all, hated the UI, and thought it to be laggy.
I don't exactly want to, but the wife is kinda set on trying it out. Is there anything I may run into? The only thing I foresee happening is losing the HP touchsmart center that has all the HP touchsmart features. OR I can upgrade to 7, then upgrade to 8 and not lose any of this or my networked / shared settings. ( time consuming)
which would be best to do if I was going to attempt this, and should I even do it?
I am a tech and know my way around a computer without a problem, I was just wondering what others opinions are of 8 so far and if it would be worth the trouble to actually do it.
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  1. Other then the UI 8 really isn't that bad
    if u have a touch screen PC to try it out on I would say go ahead and do it
    It will allow you to get the most out of the Windows 8 UI

    Your unlikely to run into any problems, just make sure your hardware is supported by windows 8
  2. Only downside to Windows 8 on the Desktop is metro, other than that, it's great.

    It runs well and boots fast, I'm not going to list all the new features and all that, but I will say, you probably won't really notice a difference between 7 and 8(expect for metro).

    You will need this: " " this program is a godsend for Windows 8, it's as if the Start Menu was never gone. You won't see metro once you install this(at least very rarely).

    If your happy with Windows 7 though, don't waste your time, you won't see any significant improvement.

    You're very unlikely to have any compatibility issues either.
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