Black Screen after Boot up with Windows 7

Hello, I am having a problem with starting up Windows 7 very recently. Maybe 12 hours ago before going to work it started up fine, there were no new downloads or anything. Then I went to work, got home, tried to start up the computer but after the Windows 7 Welcome played for longer than normal, I got a black screen where I could move my mouse pointer and access the ctrl+alt+del menu and all it's aspects.

I tried booting in safe mode, and it worked. Safe mode with networking failed in the same manner as above.

I can access my XP OS and use my network there, so there can't be a problem with it.

Any help? Thanks in advance.
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  1. sounds like a problem w/ Windows Aero, the GUI of Windows.
    I'd try doing a system repair:
    inserting the installation disk, and then after you select your language, click repair in the bottom right corner and select the installation.
  2. Didn't work. Asked for a recovery point, which I had one but after using it once it suddenly disappeared, so I have no image, no restore point.
  3. not a system recover, a repair,
    there should be a separate repair dialog
  4. it claims that I don't need a repair. Says everything is alright.
  5. If you can move your mouse around and also access the control-alt-delete menu, try try pressing those keys, click "Task Manager", go to "File" menu, then click "New Task (Run...), then type "explorer" and press enter
  6. Tried it. Failed, but when left alone for about ten or so minutes, it finally did come up, though with much slower responses and no internet service. I"m right now going through a checklist of things but I"m getting near the bottom of it and still no fixes. Any other helpful advice would be nice. Thanks to all whom have tried so far.
  7. that should work, but i doubt it'll fix the problem permanently (unless u want 2 keep doing it every time u run windows)
  8. Whoo, Figured it out. Of course it would be the steps at the bottom of my list. My network adapter got stuck in a loop/corrupted or whatnot. I had to uninstall and reinstall it.

    Here's a link to the forum that seems to have a multitude of fixes for this problem though.

    Thank you to you whom tried to help me, and happy Teching!
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