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I went to backup a system image of windows 7 on my desktop and was going to save it to my clickfree external harddrive. I have already done a "regular backup" of files to this external harddrive. When I went to backup the system image it says to "insert a blank media...". So, my question is, is it ok to save the system image to this external harddrive even though there are other things saved on it or do I have to save to a blank hardrive and not put anything else on it. Second question...I also thought I read somewhere you can't do a system restore from an external harddrive. If that's true, then guess I'd be wasting my time saving image to it?

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  1. Sorry..forgot my third question. I was also going to save a system image of my laptop on this external harddrive. Is that OK to save 2 system images to same harddrive?
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