force dismount an usb drive?

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How do I force a dismount/unmount of an usb hard drive?
I know I can do this with chkdsk /f, but I am searching for a way to
do this without sideeffects, preferably on the command line.

When I want to remove my usb drive, more often than not I get the
message that the drive "cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the
device again later"

usually the cause is just some explorer window that is still
displaying a directory on that drive. Sometimes it is an application
that crashed and is only removable by ending its process in the
taskmanager. Sometimes the cause is totally untraceable. (I don't have
any norton product or any permanent virus scanner running)

By using chkdsk /f I can dismount the drive and then remove it without
problems, is there another way?

I only want the filesystem to be in a consistent state, and the cache
to be flushed. I don't care wheter an application throws up because it
thinks it has to keep files open all the time

thanks for any help
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