Sony VAIO and win 8 upgrade bluray problem

I upgraded to Win 8 before checking Sony's site to have their system checker tell me:

"The VGC-LV150J is not supported for Windows 8."

So now the BluRay player isn't recognized at all. Everything else seems to be ok.

The computer shipped with Vista. I upgraded to 7 when I put in a new HD and didn't have any problems with any components.

Any solutions out there? Short of rolling back to win 7... Was hoping to use the 7 Ultimate copy on a new build I'm putting together. Though if I have to put 8 on the new box I will while its still cheap.
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    Truthfully with a all-in-one system like that I would stick with Windows 7. From Sony's website it looks like Windows 7 x64 is the last OS that even has drivers for that system and it came out with Vista. the BluRay player not working is kinda strange as most DVD/BluRay Readers/Writers us Microsoft default drivers there for should work just fine with Windows 8. So my best guess would be that it uses a custom firmware that is making it incompatible with Windows 8. But it would help to know the make/model of the BluRay player itself.
  2. Looks like it is an Optiarc™ BD-ROM BC-5500S, based on the firmware update page on Sony. Or BC-5600S based on Driver Manager scan.

    Driver Manager recognizes the device as "unplugged".
  3. I'm afraid you are going to have to revert to Windows 7. Its the one thing I hated about Sony for years
  4. Thanks. I figured I would be better off with 7, but wanted to move that 7 licence to a new build. Oh well.
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