Pentium 3, Monitor, Printer for sale

Hello all. I am selling my Premio PC ( complete computer system. (Apollo Series)
Pentium 3 1000Mhz
256mb pc133 Memory (Expandable to 1.5GB Ram)
17" Premio Color Monitor
ATI Radeon 32mb Video Card
52x CD-Rom Drive
Creative Modem Blaster 56k
Creative Sound Blaster Pro
20 GB Hard Drive
Windows ME
All Necessary Drivers and Software

This system is optimized mainly for games. None of that onboard video or sound crap, just a top of the line quality computer from Premio PC. Everything is in near-new (excellent) condition and not even 3 months old. I am located in the ft.lauderdale/miami florida area and if you can come pick up the computer, I am selling it for $850. Otherwise it's $1000 shipped. These are my asking prices so I am open to offers. Please email any questions or offers to - and also check out and look up the user name "shane" to see my feedback for trades and selling games.

Thanks for your time and lastly, the reason I am selling the computer is because I am two months behind on my car payment and I'm worried about it being repossessed. As much as I'd like to keep the computer and continue playing age of empires 2, quake 3, unreal tournament, etc.. I just can't.. the car is more important because without a car there's no work, and without work there's no money, and without money life sucks! :(
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  1. Forgot to mention that of course the computer includes speakers, a mouse (5 button scroll mouse), and a keyboard. All are Premio brand.
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