Engine block leaking water

Hello,water is leaking through one of the manifold studs in my car. the stud broke and i replaced it. i noticed a small trickle of water leaking out. its a valiant 225. please help
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  1. Did you put sealer on the threads of the new stud? I am not sure if it is the stud leaking, or if the intake manifold gasket is leaking.
  2. definitely got a split block or the head gasket broke. Bad news is big job..... likes hundreds of dollars. There is a sealent you can get from stores like canadian tire that you put in your radiator block while your car is running. You leave it in for 20-30 min while the car is running and it heats up. Then drain the fluid and replace with regular water to check to see if the sealant as patched the crack or gasket. If not repeat, if the second time if it don't seal it you have to pay alot of money to get it fixed.
  3. take the stud out put some sealent on and hope that solves it . some bolts on an engine require sealent that could be your problem otherwise you might limp it along with stopleak
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