Windows updates killed my new system build! HELP FAST!


I just built my first pc and everything was going great. Hardware all together I booted up first time and installed win. 7. After seeing that it installed fine I did some standard personalization things on it and then checked for updates. Upon shutdown windows began installing the first of 18 updates. 36 hours later it was still installing update 5 of 18. I checked another two hours later though and the system was shutting down. This also lasted an unusually long hour. When I booted back up my screen resolution was shot back to 800 by 600 and startup repair was the first thing I saw. It said it was scanning windows to look for errors. I let it do that and it came up with nothing. I rebooted a few times to the same ends. Then I dropped the install disk in and looked at what i could do there. I could not really do anything. It wouldn't let me recover anything and none of the other options helped me at all. So i did some research and tried to <chkdsk /r (/f)> in the install disk cmd. It gave me an error saying the drive was NTFS and write protected and could only work in read only. So i ran it read only and it found nothing. Not knowing what to do i decided to wipe the drive and start over. I did that and when I went to reinstall the OS it wouldn't let me saying the disk was going to fail soon. After yet a few more tries it wont even recognize the drive in either BIOS or when installing, and that is where i stand now. I submitted a RMA request on newegg for the drive because if i waited another day the 30 day warranty would be up and I couldn't do it after that. I have ten days left now on the RMA what should I do? Here's my build

Li-Lian Pc-7FN
i7-950 (not overclocked)
Asus P6X58D-E
Radeon HD 5850
Antec Basiq 550
corsair DDR3 1066 6GB (3 x2)
WD Cavair Blue 1 TB
Sony Optiarc DVD read/write

Thanks in advance for all the help
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  1. RMA it now.

    I don't consider the Western Digital Caviar Blue series reliable. It's a value series product. The Caviar Black series is more reliable hence its longer warranty.
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