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Hey guys, through my school I am able to download windows 7 x86 or x64 I have a second gen I5 3.3ghz, what operating system do I need and why?
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  1. also its windows professional even though that doesn't matter.
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    Hello guerilla_logic;
    x86 is the 32bit version and x64 is the 64bit version.
    Either one would be fine. If you have 4GB of RAM (or more) you probably want to use the x64bit.
  3. Don't forget to run the Upgrade Advisor just to be sure:

    You're probably fine, though. Windows 7 Professional does have a lot of useful features like Location Aware Printing, so you're in luck, my friend.

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  4. Thanks guys, Ps i'm going x64 and I can't run the update advisor because I don't have an OS seeing as it is a new build.
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