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Hey, Got windows 8 on the weekend, upgraded from win7. Win8 is *** but I knew it would be before I bought it, anyway whenever I start up windows 8 I get this annoying message that says some *** like this:
Asus Setup
C:\Users\Dylan\AppData\Local\Temp\174522Log.iniis lost

Massive pain in the ass, Startup *** irritates me. Anyway, anyone know how to fix this problem? Could I just download that missing *** and chuck it in the correct directory and bam? or is this gonna be a bitch to fix?
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  1. I'm guessing by the ***'s your language is terrible nut ...
    the upgrade wizard probably deleted the file or something. Try disabling the Asus set-up in msconfig unless it is entirely necessary
  2. ^ Agreed, and please try not to curse it makes you sound unintelligent.

    If you do need the program I would suggest reinstalling it.

    I assume this started happening when you ran one of those "junk cleaner" programs and set it to simply wipe everything in your temp folder?
  3. Problem is WHICH program.. many of us are experiencing this...
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