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Hey Everybody,

I'm looking to play with some people in non ranked games for Halo 2. If
anybody is interested and wants to add me to their friends list, let me
know. Ty
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    It is easy to build up a friends list. I have only played xbox live
    for a total of maybe 20 hours or so, and I am in a clan and have a
    friends list with like 25 to 30 people on it. Just play in ranked
    games or training match games, then at the end when you have the
    post-game carnage report, send friend requests to anyone you thought
    was a good player. Most of the friend requests I have sent have been
    accepted. Once they are on your friends list, you can join any game
    they are in even if they don't invite you. (unless the game is set to
    invitation only or something). Then it builds on itself. As you start
    playing in custom games with those people, you will meet more people
    who like to play in custom games, and you can send them friend requests
    as well. Anyone you have played against recently will be in your
    recent players list which is in the same place as your friends list.
    You can send friend requests from there as well.
    You can send me a friend request if you want. Gamertag is poolhustler.
  2. Archived from groups: alt.games.halo (More info?)

    Might find some players at http://www.halo2boards.com
    We have an active community with lots of knowledgeable Halo/Halo 2 fans.
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