ME or 98 or...???!?

Ok. I am getting a pretty much top of the line system. AMD +1.0 ghz....

I am a gamer and I love to listen to music. I also write a few essays for my Master's classes. I am wondering whether Win 98 or ME will be the best choice.

I have windows 95 on this current computer.... So I am clueless about the new OS'es. Thank you for your help!

IMacs for the blind
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  1. I'd go for Win98SE. Best for gamers.

    "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby." :wink:
  2. I'd also recommend 98SE. It runs almost everything faster than ME will.
    If System Restore influences your thinking about WinME, Adaptec's GoBack is a very similar program.

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  3. I just like to say thanks. Also thanks for the CDRW and CD answer. I bought a 50X asus ... I searched for the reviews.. Everyone loved it. Well, if it helps to prolong my 200 CDRW investment... its worth the 40 bucks. thanks again.

    IMacs for the blind
  4. forgot to ask. Win98 Plus version 2 the same thing as Win 98SE??

    I saw the win98 Plus version 2 for 99 dollars US in a retail box.

    IMacs for the blind
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