Making a Windows 7 Image with an OEM disk

I have to create a Windows 7 image which will be used on all company Dell laptops. I have prepared the image using the OEM disk supplied by Dell. How can I sysprep and get the OEM key to be recognized as we are not given the key. I think sysprep strips that info unless put into the unattend file but I don't have one OEM key to put in.
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  1. Hi,

    I have been asked to produce an image to be put on all Dell Laptops the compant has. I have created this Windows 7 image with the OEM disk that came with the laprops. I would normally sysprep and put a licence key in the unattend file. As OEM disks do not come with a key and I think sysprep strips this info out unless you put it in an unattend file, how do I put one in or get one to put in?

    I have seen this asked on several sites but not seen a real good reply as yet.
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    Making an image for use by many laptops using OEM Dell disk
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