Installing Upgrade on new Build

I just finished a new build using the following link.

System runs awesome! However, I can't get Win 7 installed.

I have a retail 7 Upgrade disc. I have a couple copies of XP that should allow me to Upgrade.

I tried doing a clean install and it never asked for the disc. It wouldn't take my key though and I read it's because you must have XP already installed (dumb).

Some I'm trying to install XP on my machine and get a BSOD once it loads all the drivers and starts win setup.

It says PCI.sys Address F748E08F base at F7487000

So, What do I do at this point. I wish you could just stick the disc in and do a clean install.

The 7 Upgrade did work fine, but wouldn't take the key even though I knew it was right.
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  1. Hello rlu929s;
    Install Win7 twice. The first time, do not use the license key.
    During the 2nd install, you should be able to input that license key.
  2. Here is a link to more details and explanations.
    Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media
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