Radeon 9800 Pro+ Old Game = Crash!

Ok, I admit it I've got a soft spot for older games. Recently I got a Radeon 9800 Pro because I happen to like new games too and my old GeForce 4 wasn't doing the job anymore. Anyway, last night I loaded up Thief: The Dark Project and a couple of other older games and I ran into a problem. Thief keeps causing my system to freeze. I get through the menus and movies just fine but when I actually start the game it freezes instantly or after a few minutes. The graphics freeze but the sound continues. I've had similar problems on my old GeForce card because the card didn't like my old mobo. Any ideas what this problem is? I think it's either a video or sound card problem but I've got the most current Catalyst Drivers and Audigy 2 drivers. My system specs are.

P4 2.8c
Asus P4P800
1gb PC4000
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro
Audigy 2 ZS Platinum
2 Raptor 36gb (Raid 0)
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  1. You <b>should</b> be able to get it to work - I play T:TDP with a Radeon 9500 and an Audigy soundcard under Win XP all the time. Try tweaking various graphics settings (I would set everything to default under the catalyst drivers), or even try running Thief in Win95/98 compatibility mode.

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  2. Already tried doing both those things. In 95/98 compatibility mode the game part won't even start. I also tried to fiddle with the Radeon compatibility settings with no luck. I'd think I had a bad card except that I can play Homeworld 2 and Deus Ex: Invisible War without any problems.
  3. You could try to disable <b>fastwrites</b> in the bios and ATI control panel. They are sometimes the cause of crashes.

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  4. Actually, I'm beginning to suspect that the problem is with my Audigy 2 or a combination of Radeon and Audigy. I uninstalled my Audigy and I was able to play the game without any problems. I reenstalled the Audigy and the problems came back. The Audigy is new too. I ran the computer for a while with the integrated audio before I got the Audigy and I loaded DirectX 9 before the audigy and I know that used to be a problem sometimes. Has anybody had a problem with Radeon/Audigy2 ZS Platinum combo? I know Creative Sound cards used to fight with nVidia cards but I thought ATI cards didn't have this problem.
  5. Have you tried installing the patch for the game? Maybe it adds some kind of support or compatibility for the card.

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  6. The game came as the highest patched version 1.33. That's the only patch I've been able to find.
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