Games that work on win7 pro x64 os

I would appreciate if someone could tell me which of these games work in a x64 bit environment; in this case, windows 7 pro x64:
- Toca3 Race Driver
- Driver 3
- Crimson Skies
- Wings of War
- Microsoft, Combat Flight Simulator 2
- Flyboys Squadron
- Star Wars Battlefront
- Links 2003 after patches installed

Checked the compatibility page & did not find most of the above.

thank you for any help
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  1. MS CFS2 will work. You may have to look at the webpages for each game to see if it is compatible. I have found that most games I have that worked in XP will also work in W7x64, I can't think of any that did not work.
  2. If they're not on the compatibility list, they probably won't work. What you can do is check out Win7 XP mode.
  3. I've found that the compatibility list is not always accurate.

    Toca 3 is on there - no work
    Driver 3 no listing - no work
    Crimson skies no listing - no work
    Wings of War, Combat FLight sim 2, Flyboys,
    Star wars Battlefront, Links 2003
    no listing -- all work good
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