Hello,what will I loose by changing to 32 bit. What does 32 bit mean? How much will it cost me to change? Will I get my old Mozilla bookmarks back?
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  1. 32-bit means the OS is 32-bit architecture vs. 64-bit, which 64-bit architecture.
    -- Some older programs (mostly pre-WinXP) will not run on 64-bit architecture.
    -- Most programs will run on 32-bit OSes.
    -- It is difficult to find 64-bit drivers for older hardware because most hardware (printers, scanners, etc.) manufacturers won't write new 64-bit drivers for their old hardware.
    -- 32-bit Windows cannot see and use more than ~3.5 GB of memory, while 64-bit Windows can see and use more memory than most computers can physically handle.
    -- You should backup your data files and any special files you want, e.g., your Mozilla bookmarks, so you can copy them back into your new OS and "My Documents" folder.
    -- Not sure what it would "cost" to change your OS, depends on whether or not you have an OEM, Upgrade, or Full Retail installation disk.
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