Optimizing Fraps.

I am not entirely sure if this would be the correct section for this question, so if there is another, more appropriate section please let me know and move it there.

Basically, what I want to do is optimize Fraps to record supreme commander game-play as best as possible. That isn't the only game/ app that I will be recording w/ Fraps, but it is the most demanding game, and has the most need to keep as many things as possible off the 2 cores that are given the greatest load for it. I use core optimizer software made specifically to split up the threads and basically make the game run smoother on newer technology. There are two main threads that are the backbone of the game, the sim thread and some other main thread that has to do with rendering. Since I am on a 1075t, it splits those threads between two of the cores, and then the rest of the less resource intensive threads it puts on the other 4 remaining cores. Right now, my 1075t is overclocked to 3.85GHz, so it is more than than capable of running all of the less important threads on one core, making it only necessary for the game to take up three cores. So is there away that I can have Fraps only run on those last three cores and not affect the game at all? And would 3 cores @3.85GHz be enough to run fraps at a 1600x900 resolution? Or do you think that I would be forced to lower the resolution?

And fore that matter, is it possible for when I am not recording with Fraps to keep every Win7 system task or background task off of those 2 main cores that the game needs? Or does Win7 already have a good enough task scheduler to know that those cores are already @ 95% of maximum and it would automatically put all Win7 threads on a different core?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. Windows is often providing the most efficient scheduling assuming you don't use 'Optimizers'. Often if you don't see multiple cores being used for different programs it will often mean there is no benefit to doing it that way.

    The system will do the best job of running things efficiently, forcing core use can often disrupt this and not provide any benefit. The act of spreading tasks around cores has it's own overhead and can outweigh the benefit of multiple cores.

    It is best to not bother for general consumer applications.

    Fraps benefits most from a faster CPU, GHz wise and a responsive Hard drive
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