Running AutoCad over Remote Desktop? Performance limiting factor?

Hey All,

I'd like to see if anybody has any ideas for improving performance on my setup. I'm doing some light AutoCad work over remote desktop on two computers on the same network.

My setup:

The computer I'm using to connect:

Intel i3 540
4gb RAM
Intel P55 Motherboard
PNY GT 240
Windows 7 Professional x64
23" Monitor running 1920x1080 resolution
This computer is plugged directly into my Router/Switch. Apple Airport Extreme.

The workstation running AutoCad 2008 that I'm connecting to:

Intel Pentium 4.......One of the very last models, 3.2 or 3.4 Ghz I believe
2gb Ram......was 4gb, but one stick went bad and I haven't replaced it yet.
ATI FireGL.....maybe 3000 or 3500
Belkin Wireless-N network adapter
Windows 7 professional x86

Some additional info:

The Pentium 4 workstation, even though really dated, runs AutoCad 2008 fine for my purposes. I'm only doing 2d stuff on architectural prints. Besides taking a few minutes to initially load the program, runs great with no glitches or hang ups.

The Remote Desktop experience now is NOT bad. Fine for quick changes or printing, but the mouse has just a little too much jump and jerk when working on AutoCad over Remote Desktop to be able to do any serious work. Anything besides AutoCad, I can't tell I'm using remote desktop.

So! My big question is what is the performance limiting factor of Remote Desktop? Memory, CPU, GPU, the computer connecting, the computer getting connected to, wireless network connection, AutoCad just stinks over Remote Desktop no matter the hardware, etc?

Any suggestions that will improve my set up?

I've been looking for an excuse to justify an upgrade on my newer computer. :) i5 maybe? New Video Card?

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  1. 99% sure it is the Network connection and the compression of the video resolution. even if you upgrade to GigaNetwork it will not improve enough to make it smooth.
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